Moerus Capital Management LLC, founded in 2015, is an investment management firm offering investment products to institutions, financial intermediaries, and qualified individuals.

We utilize the same, fundamentals-based investment philosophy across all investments, which seeks to purchase securities trading at large discounts to conservative estimates of their intrinsic value, with a preference for companies that possess strong financial positions, high-quality assets, and attractive business models.




Moerus’ name is derived from the Classical Latin word describing a city’s defensive walls, which were designed to protect both a city and its inhabitants from risks, both predicted and unforeseen. Though we are unabashed value investors, we cannot emphasize enough that cheapness alone is not enough to warrant an investment. We believe a keen awareness of the risks facing an investment is essential to generating solid returns over the long run.

The opportunities that we often find ourselves pursuing typically face near term challenges, risks, and uncertainties. We welcome such transitory turmoil, as it sometimes provides unusually compelling opportunities. However, because of this short term turmoil, we seek to populate our portfolios with companies that have a “Moerus” - the strength, staying power and wherewithal - to withstand a variety of risks.